Take a Look at Grimes

In fall 1976, the district opened the Valley View Learning Center, an alternative school providing individualized education for students identified as dropouts or potential dropouts. When a new facility was built in 1989 on Hutton Drive in Carrollton, the center was named in honor of Mary Woodworth Grimes.  Mrs. Grimes was a CFBISD educator for 25 years and is considered the matriarch of the district’s special education program.

Today, the Mary Grimes Education Center houses 3 specialized programs: The Diploma Program, Moving On Up, and Functional Skills Workshop.  Each of these programs are designed to meet the individual needs of CFBISD students.  The Diploma Program continues to serve students who are at risk of dropping out by facilitating online, self-paced coursework with a flexible schedule and the help and guidance of certified teachers.  Moving On Up (MOU) and Functional Skills Workshop (FSW) are post-graduate vocational programs for special education students with a goal of developing independence in daily living and employability.




Interim Principal
Stephanie Lopez

Registration Clerk
Betty Dominguez

Crisis Counselor
Kim Rangel

Tina Jain

I enjoy helping students who thought they were lost...I like the fact that I know each of my students individually. 
-Grimes Staff Member

Mary Grimes helped me graduate high school and helped me with real world things they wouldn't teach at a 'normal' school.
-grimes graduate

My son's accomplishment is due to his teachers' and counselor's diligence and commitment to Mary Grimes students.
-grimes Parent